The most exciting Xbox Series X games

The next-gen titles we can't wait to play on Microsoft's new console

Here are the next-gen games we're desperate to play on Xbox Series X...


Despite the Craig the Brute memes, Infinite looks like an exciting sandbox shooter. With a bigger world than the last two Halo games combined, this could be Chief's most epic adventure.


There's not much info on this survival-horror sequel, aside from the fact it has zombie deers. Poor undead Bambi. The expertly edited trailer hints at the bleakest series entry yet.


If you didn't chuckle at the frog bit above, you have no soul. A reboot of the quirky fantasy series, Playground Games looks like it has captured the cheeky spirit of the older titles.


Rare's gorgeous new IP is still a bit of a mystery. Like Sea of Thieves, it looks like players are plonked into a shared-world, though this time nurturing nature seems to be the aim of the game, not rampant piracy.


Obsidian is back with another first-person RPG, though this one looks far darker than The Outer Worlds. Set in the kingdom of Eora, sorcery and dungeons seem to feature heavily.

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