5 moments that defined the first year of Xbox Series X

From the acquisition of Bethesda to the re-reveal of Halo Infinite, here's a brief look at Xbox Series X in 2021

It's been a busy console launch year for Xbox. Here are the key moments of the past 12 months for the Series X...

1. The Bethesda acquistion

The strategy behind Microsoft's $7.5bn purchase of Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax last September seems clear: to bring more first-party exclusives to Xbox Series X and Game Pass. That said, upcoming games like Starfield will still appear on the PS5.

2. Flight Sim becomes Microsoft's Animal Crossing

The first Flight Sim in 14 years makes astonishing use of Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap and cloud computing. It's provided a relaxing escape for thousands of players during lockdown. 

3. Cloud gaming, PC, and the death of the console exclusive

This year it was made clear Microsoft's vision of the Xbox Series X is as the showy figurehead to a broader games ecosystem; one that includes Xbox Cloud Gaming and day-one releases of first-party games on PC via Game Pass. 

4. The Xbox Fridge at E3

Microsoft's response to jokes about Xbox Series X looking like a fridge was to really go with it, with the company releasing an actual mini-fridge that sold out immediately. 

5. The Halo Infinite redemption arc

After an underwhelming announcement trailer, Infinite stormed back with an exciting re-reveal of its campaign – the technology behind the open world campaign now looking more assured. 

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