Must-see landmarks in Watch Dog Legion

London and its tourist spots are calling in Ubisoft's latest open world hacker

Watch Dogs: Legion is almost upon us. Here are five must-see London landmarks you should visit when the game launches on Oct 29...


The Houses of Parliament and its 13-ton bell look impressive in Watch Dogs: Legion. It's also nice to see Big Ben set free from the scaffolding it's been trapped in these past two years. 


Ah, the Queen's house. Is she actually in there, watching The Great British Bake Off like the rest of us? Sadly, Legion doesn't let you inside the palace, so we'll never know.


Whatever you call The London Eye, it looks damned impressive in Watch Dogs: Legion. Appreciating the colossal ferris wheel virtually is a lost easier than in real life. Stupid tourists. 


One of the most recognizable sights in the city, its hundreds of years-old design and architecture reminds you just how old The Big Smoke really is. Ubi has done a good job of recreating it. 


This iconic bridge has a cool design, good sights, and if you hack, smash, and shoot your way to the top of it, you'll find yourself in a great spot to flip off the entire city. Bad hacker! 

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