Upcoming PS5 games for 2023

Here's the upcoming PS5 games line-up, from Spider-Man 2 to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Looking at the line-up of upcoming PS5 games and it's clear that this is going to be an unmissable year for Sony's new-gen system...

Forspoken's protagonist leaps across cliffs, attacks wolves with tree root-esque abilities, and overlooks a gorgeous landscape from the top of a mountain in the demo many of you will have played. This looks epic. 


Release date: January 23

Motive Studios is bringing us a Dead Space Remake, "rebuilt" from the bones of the source material, aka one of the best horror games of all time.

Dead Space Remake

Release date: January 27

Set before the events of the books in the 1800s at the famous Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and the world beyond, this looks like a hugely promising open-world RPG.

Hogwarts Legacy

Release date: February 10

This brand new hunting game is essentially EA's attempt to topple Monster Hunter off of its throne.

Wild Hearts

Release date: February 17

Sony is launching PSVR 2 on February 22, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain is looking like the game to sell us on the promise and potential of the new-gen virtual reality headset.

Horzion: Call of the Mountain

Release date: February 22

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a brand new story, with 1-4 player co-op, an evil Superman, and four playable characters.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Release date: May 26

Mirage pays homage to the adventures of Altair and Ezio by leaning on the concepts that once made Assassin's Creed so beloved to begin with – parkour, stealth, and assassinations.

Assassin's Creed Mirage

Release date: TBC 2023

Cloud and co. return in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in 2023; the official title for the second game in Square Enix's ambitious remake trilogy of the beloved RPG.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Release date: TBC 2023
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