Top Tips for Fortnite Beginners

By Sam Loveridge

Get ready to drop with our handy beginners' tips...

1. Wait as long as you can before you jump out of the battle bus

Resist the urge to exit the bus ASAP, as the quicker you jump the more likely it is you'll come face to face with another player as soon as you land. Wait a little before you leap and give yourself some space to get your bearings first.

2. Find yourself an assault rifle or SMG 

These two are great starter weapons as they're good at all ranges, can store lots of ammo, and deal enough damage in the moment to take out an enemy - even for the inexperienced.

3. Collect building materials as you go

Building is a huge part of Fortnite, but in order to make any kind of structure you'll need materials - wood, stone, or metal in particular. Use your pickaxe to smash through buildings to gather the essential ingredients for your future creations.

4. Watch out for killer fall damage

When the aim of the game is staying alive as long as possible, don't hinder yourself by succumbing to fall damage. Anything above three storeys will take a big hit on your health bar, so don't take any potentially killer short cuts.

5. Build before you heal where possible

You can heal yourself with a bandage or Medkit to restore some lost health, but applying them takes time. While you're patching yourself up, you can't move at all, so take a minute to build or find yourself some shelter before you start the process.

6. Crouching while you move makes you much quieter

Although it's not the fastest way to move across the map, moving while you're crouched makes you so much quieter. You can sneak around unannounced and hopefully get the edge on your opponents. 

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