The amazing little details of The Last of Us 2

From rope physics to bloody bandages, every little detail in TLOU2 is incredible

Let these 9 amazing details in The Last of Us Part 2 rope you in...

1. Blood will soak through bandages

Suffered a gunshot wound? After you apply a bandage, take a second to admire the bloody dressing as the red stuff slowly seeps through the material. Lovely.

2. The amazing snow

The Last of Us 2 throws in physics and shader magic to make snow ultra realistic. The way it shatters and sprays is *chef's kiss*.

3. Clicker breath shows in the cold

Watching these clicks unfurl in the cold air is a hair-raising sight. That these raspy breaths sync so well with each guttural cluck is next level perfect.

4. Ellie squints when you zoom in

Hold L2 to zoom in while looking into a mirror and you can spot Ellie squinting to get a better look at herself. Naughty Dog is the master of small details.

5. The disgusting trap mine explosions

Ugh. Blow someone up indoors with a trap mine and bits of them will plaster the ceiling. Watching guts and viscera slowly dripping down makes us want to hurl.

6. Ellie actually puts stuff in her bag

Catch the right camera angle and you'll notice Ellie actually crams the items she finds into an open part of her bag's zipper. Another lovely touch.

7. Wet notes

Another example of abnormally high detailing. If Ellie gets wet in a river or flooded basement, then reads a note while drenched, the paper will be damp.

8. The torch casts the color it's pointed at around you

The light from your torch will take on the color of whatever you shine it at. This is especially noticeable on these red files you often find in drawers.

9. The rope physics!

The most realistic video game rope you'll ever see. It took three people at Naughty Dog to make those bewitching physics.

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