The best South Park episodes, mmkay

The nastiest, funniest, and most shocking South Park episodes.

Here are the best episodes of South Park that all skewer and slice contemporary culture in their own inimitable fashion...

7. "Up the Down Steroid"

This totally awful, yet hilarious episode sees Cartman pretend to be mentally ill so he can win $1,000 at the Special Olympics. It's the perfect example of the show's risk-taking humor. 

Season 8, episode 2

6. "Dances with Smurfs"

South Park riffs on Dance with Wolves in an episode that sees Cartman go on a political rampage after abusing his power as morning announcer. A deceptively clever, hugely funny ep. 

Season 13, episode 13

5. "Smug Alert!"

An episode that's worth its place on this list for its "smug/smog" wordplay alone. South Park aiming barbs at hybrid cars was never going to miss. 

Season 10, episode 2

4. "Black Friday"

A brilliant parody on both rampant consumerism, and Game of Thrones. "Winter is coming... and the next-gen gaming systems are hitting the shelves!"

Season 17, episode 7

3. "Night of the Living Homeless"

Not only does this episode about undead-like vagrants parody zombies movies, it also offers a steaming dose of satirical social commentary. Sublime. 

Season 11, episode 7

2. "Good Times with Weapons"

Remember when your folks told you not to play with sharp things or you'll take an eye out? This classic ep is a living, breathing reminder of such sage advice. 

Season 8, episode 1

1. "The Death of Eric Cartman"

The best South Park episode ever combines everything this show does best; Cartman's malicious insanity, Kyle and Stan getting their own back, and Eric's hysterical bond with Butters. 

Season 9, episode 6

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