5 things you need to know about Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The keys facts on Insomniac's new, extra heroic PS5 game

PS5 will get its own fresh-faced neighborhood wall-crawler when it launches later this year. Here's what you need to know about Spider-Man: Miles Morales...

It's a stand-alone game

Miles Morales is its own game, not an expansion to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. It's also a PS5 exclusive, due out this Holiday season to coincide with the launch of the next-gen console.

The action is set a year after the last game

Miles has been living with his Spidey powers for quite some time. He also has people he can trust with his secret, like a certain Mr Parker.

Miles has different powers than Peter

Insomniac's Bryan Intihar has revealed Miles has different animations and moves than Pete. This includes a "bio-electric venom blast" and temporary invisibilty. Sneaky!

The game has different graphics modes

This Spidey spin-off will launch with both performance and fidelity modes when it hits PS5. The former could hit 4K/60fps, while the latter is rumored to run at 30fps with ray-tracing.

It won't last as long as Pete's adventure

Creative director Brian Horton has compared Miles to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of scope. Expect a six-seven hour title, not the 30+ hour experience of Spidey on PS4.

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