Microsoft's new console is a system set up for future evolution, iteration, and success

Xbox Series X review

 Xbox Series X is a great console that offers an almighty power upgrade over previous Microsoft systems. Here are six reasons why we love it...

1. It's cool, quiet, and powerful

The Xbox Series X is a cutting edge console that massively reduces load times, can push games at a stable 60fps at 4K, and does so while being whisper quiet. It's a stunning piece of kit. 

2. Quick Resume is a game-changer

Quick Resume is a feature that lets you swap between multiple games that are held in a suspended state in fewer than 10 seconds. We honestly don't know how we ever lived without it. 

3. The controller represents excellent evolution

Making iterative improvements on the Xbox One controller, the Xbox Series X pad subtly tweaks the bumpers, while introducing textured grips and a share button. It's one of the most comfortable and capable gamepads we've used. 

4. Series X slashes load times

Every game we've tested on the Xbox Series X has seen significant reductions in load times compared to Xbox One, sometimes by as much as 70%. It's a huge quality of life improvement. 

5. Smoother frame rates breathe new life into Xbox One games

Thanks to its hugely powerful GPU/CPU combo, the Xbox Series X casts the entire Xbox One generation in a new light. Games like Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 now run at 4K/60fps, which makes them feel instantly better to play. 

6. Back compat is superb 

Four generations of Xbox games are playable on the Xbox Series X, and older titles have never run more smoothly. Certain Xbox 360 games, like GTA 4, now run at a locked 60fps on the new console. It's a stunning upgrade. 

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