Resident Evil Village tips

Help Ethan outlast the lycan hordes with these must-know hints

Picked up Resident Evil Village and looking for guidance? The following tips should prove useful...

1. Fully explored areas will turn blue on the map

When you enter a building or single room for the first time, the area on the map will be red – this means there are items to discover. Find them all and the area will turn blue on your map. 

2. Yellow things are often breakable and useful

See that crate/barrel/chest with yellow tape plastered all over it? Smash these objects to collect ammo and other items. 

3. Shoot the sparkles to get crystals

Ooooh, sparkly! Shoot glistening crystals and you can trade them in for in-game currency, called Lei. 

4. Guarding can be more important than shooting

Blocking attacks reduces the amount of damage Ethan takes. Hold L1/LB to raise Ethan's arms to guard against blows; time it right, and you'll be prompted to kick your attacker back. 

5. Sometimes running is better than fighting

Worried you won't survive an encounter against a pack of lycans/a certain lanky vamp lady? Then run away to regroup and recompose your terrified thoughts. 

6. Keep a range of different weapons

It's a good idea to keep a varied arsenal in Ethan's inventory. For later, combat-heavy parts of the game, make sure you've got a pistol, shotgun and rifle. 

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