How to find the Resident Evil Village masks

Where to find the Mask of Pleasure, Sorrow, Joy, and Rage

Playing Resident Evil Village and confused over how to solve Castle Dimitrescu's mask puzzle? We have you covered...

There are four masks in Castle Dimitrescu: the Mask of Pleasure, Sorrow, Rage, and Joy. Find all of them, and you can escape said castle. Your reward? A fight against a huge vampire lady. 

How to find the masks in Resident Evil Village

To get the Mask of Sorrow, you have to reach Lady D's Chambers. To reach there, a fight against her daughter and a statue-turning puzzle awaits. 

Mask of Sorrow

Another key, another one of Lady D's daughters to slay. Once you solve the simple piano puzzle, and kill the heck out of the vamp daughter, the mask is yours. 

Mask of Joy

You really can't miss the Mask of Rage. Solve the bell puzzle, shoot some harpies, ride the zipline, and the mask will soon be yours. 

Mask of Rage

The final mask can be found in the Hall of Pleasure. Defeat the last sister, take the Mounted Animal Skull, examine it, then place the Animal Skull where you initially found the Mask of Pleasure to escape. 

Mask of Pleasure

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