How to solve the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle

Make the bells rings out

Struggling to solve the bell puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu? Here's how to make all five ring out...

Bell 1

Just look to your left while standing in front of the painting and you'll see it beside the white bust. 

Bell 2

Look at the opening in the wall behind the painting in the Atelier. Between the cogs, you'll see a large swinging bell. Hit it with a well-timed shot. 

Bell 3

Turn your back to the cogs, and on the other side of the Atelier, you'll see a cabinet with a tiny bell on top that you can shoot with Ethan's pistol. 

Bell 4

Walk up the wooden stairs and point your gun at the chandelier. You'll see the fourth bell sneakily hanging from it. 

Bell 5

You can also shoot the final bell from the top of the wooden staircase. Look out of the large window and shoot the bell in the distance with your handgun.

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