Sony's next-gen console is already doing everything right

PS5 review

PlayStation has pushed for a more traditional console launch with the PS5 than Microsoft's approach with the Xbox Series X. Here are seven reasons we love Sony's new system...

1. It's powerful, fast, quiet, and cool

A cutting-edge console that's doing everything right. By gambling on a redesign of its hardware, controller, and UI, PlayStation has unlocked the next-generation of gaming. 

2. A new, fresh, and exciting design

This sexy alien beast is a marked change from anything PlayStation has done before. PS5 looks better in person than in press shots. Placed vertically, it's a strangely elegant console. 

3. The DualSense is a genuine game-changer

A controller that defines its console. Haptic feedback isn't new, but it feels incredible in Astro's Playroom, where you can feel every little surface. The likes of The Last of Us 2 also makes good use of the new adapative triggers, which can limit the resistance and travel in L2/R2.

4. The killer SSD almost eliminates load times

PS5's SSD is a speed demon. Thanks to fancy NVMe tech, games now load almost instantly. In Miles Morales, you go from main menu to stepping into Spidey's shoes in less than five seconds.

5. PS5's UI is more user-friendly than the PS4

The most personalized UI in PlayStation history. An evolution of PS4's interface, it takes a little of that presentation but splits it up into much more user-friendly clusters. The Switcher section allows you to jump between games with ease. 

6. The launch window lineup offers quality over quantity

It's not the most stacked lineup, but there's quality to PS5's launch titles. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls and, Astro's Playroom show Sony can still churn out ace exclusives. 

7. Back compat is surprisingly strong 

Sony hasn't talked that much about PS5 backwards compatibility, but it's really impressive. Thanks to the power of PS5, PS4 games like Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone now run at 60fps. 

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