5 games getting free next-gen upgrades

A selection of titles coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X you can get for free if you own the current-gen version

PS5 and Xbox Series X are almost upon us. Here are a selection of games you can get a free next-gen upgrade of if you own the PS4 or Xbox One version...


Ubisoft's first two spying pooches never ran super smoothly on PS4 or Xbox One, so we're hopeful Watch Dogs Legion will hit 60fps on the next-gen machines. Those speedy SSDs should cut down on loading times, too.

Release date: Oct 2019


CD Projekt hasn't announced when Cyberpunk will hit PS5 and Xbox Series X, but the wait will surely be worth it. Cross all the things the next-gen editions gets ray-racing like the PC port.

Release date: TBD


Codemasters recently delayed its upcoming rally racer – it's now launching on the same day as Xbox Series X on Nov 10. Let's hope Dirt 5 hits 4K/60fps on both the new Xbox and PS5.

Release date: Nov 10


We're excited for the latest entry of this madcap shooter series. Mainly because it gives us a chance to whack Gus from Breaking Bad... sorry, Anton Castillo. The next-gen versions should look lovely.

Release date: Feb 2021


Ubisoft's iconic series has never run at 60fps on consoles, so it would be great to see Assassin's new viking instalment hit that magic number on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Release date: Nov 10

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