How to use PS5 remote play

Follow this guide to stream your favorite PS5 games to your tablet or mobile device

Remote Play on PS5 is a cool feature that lets you enjoy your PS5 games on a variety of different platforms, including mobiles devices, tablets, and even the PS4. Follow this guide to use PS5 Remote Play...

1. PS5 Remote Play only works in certain scenarios

Your PS5 must be turned on or in rest mode for Remote Play to work. The feature also doesn't work with many PSVR titles. Additionally, you can't use Remote Play if you're watching a Blu-Ray or DVD on your PS5. 

2. Set up PS5 Remote Play

First up, download the PS Remote Play app on your device of choice. Then, on your PS5, so to 'Settings', select 'System', then 'Remote Play', and finally, choose 'Enable Remote Play' to switch the feature on. 

3. PS5 Remote Play technical restrictions

Remote Play resolution maxes out at 1080p when streaming your PS5 games. From our experience, this res makes most PS5 games look pretty good when streamed on a modern tablet.

4. Pair your DualSense with the device (Part 1)

First, hold the PS home button and Create button on your DualSense until the trackpad’s light starts flashing blue. On both Android and iOS, go to Settings, then tap on Bluetooth. For Android users, tap 'Pair new device'...

5. Pair your DualSense with the device (Part 2)

Trying to connect a DualSense to an iOS device? You’ll see the pad pop up on the list of 'Other devices'. Now tap on the DualSense and it should pair with your device, letting you enjoy PS5 games remotely using Sony’s ace controller.

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