Nintendo Switch OLED model: What you need to know

The upgraded Switch gets a new dock and a better screen, but no sign of a 4K boost

The latest Switch model is out this November. Here are the key points you need to know...

1. It has a bigger, more vibrant screen

The new Switch has a 7 inch OLED screen, a slight increase over the original system's 6.2 inch display. The 720p OLED panel offers better blacks and contrast next to the normal Switch's LCD screen.

2. The new dock features an ethernet port

Sporting sleek, rounded corners, the new dock has a wired LAN port, which should provide quicker downloads than a Wi-Fi connection. 

3. Nintedo has finally fixed the stand

The Big N has, at long last, updated the original Switch's unreliable stand. The OLED model gets a sturdier iteration that spans the width of the console. 

4. 4K support appears to be off the table 

Before the official announcement, it was rumored the Switch OLED model would offer support for 4K resolutions in docked mode. Sadly, the new machine's highest res output is 1080p. Boooo!

5. When does the Switch OLED model come out? 

The release date for the new Switch is October 8. It will cost $349.99 in the US, £309 in the UK, and AU$539.95 in Australia. If that seems a bit pricey, at least it has 64 GB of built-in storage.

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