Nintendo Switch OLED review

"Clearly the best version, but complicated to recommend"

Nintendo's revised handheld hybrid is out now, but desipte being the best version of the little console, the Switch OLED isn't universally easy to recommend...

A bigger, more beautiful display

The new Swtich's 7-inch OLED screen feels like a big upgrade over the old 6.2-inch LED panel. The OLED screen offers deeper blacks and a richer color pallet. It's the best way to experience Switch games on the go.

But OLED visibility is worse outdoors

OLED panels struggle in direct daylight, which made trying to use the Switch outdoors even more difficult than the LCD panel (even in the cloudy days of a British October).

Sadly, there's no resolution boost

Despite the much more impressive screen, the Switch OLED is still only a 720p display. In docked mode, you're looking at 1080p while playing on your TV, and the lack of 4K support feels like a big missed opporunity.

The new features are great tweaks

Boasting bigger, crisper speakers, a revamped, far sturdier kickstand, and an Ethernet port for the newly stylish dock, the Switch OLED feels like a premium product. 

But there aren't enough distinguishing features

Aside from screen and design tweaks, you're looking at the same console as its forebearers. There are few distinguishing features to separate this shiny new machine from the Switch consoles already available. 

The white colorway is sophisticated

We're obsessed with the new white colorway. There's something about the shade of white that makes it feel like a Switch for adults, even compared to the original greyscale option.

Nintendo Switch OLED - The Verdict...

Nintendo's revised machine is beautiful, but it lacks enough compelling new features to make it a must-recommend. 

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