The biggest upcoming PS5 exclusives

Blockbuster PS5 exclusives that we can't wait to play

There are some awesome exclusive games coming out on the PS5 over the next year and beyond. Here are a selection we can't wait to play...

Forspoken stars a young woman named Frey, who celebrates her 21st birthday by being transported to the world of Athia. The fact Amy Hennig (of Uncharted fame) is on-board makes us very excitied. 


Release date: January 24, 2003

Final Fantasy 16 is dropping exclusively on PS5 at some point in Summer 2023. Gameplay wise, this will be an interesting change in combat style, with a more action-orientated focus.

Final Fantasy 16

Release date: TBC 2023

This upcoming PSVR2-exclusive already looks incredible. Aloy will be in the game in some form, but Horizon Call of the Mountain stars a brand new protagonist.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Release date: TBC 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will see the two Spider-Men - Peter Parker and Miles Morales - team up againt the vicious Venom. If it's as good as the original, this will be a supreme sandbox treat. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Release date: TBC 2023

We know almost next to nothing about this upcoming Wolvey game, but with Insomiac at the helm, Logan is in good (incredibly sharp) hands. 

Marvel's Wolverine

Release date: TBC
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