Metroid Dread tips - 7 things to know before you play

Get help with exploration, combat, boss battles, navigating the map, and more

Aran's latest adventure will kick your keester if you don't know what you're doing, so heed these tips for Samus success...

1. Pay attention to the color coding on doors

The game uses a color-coding system to make things a little clearer when it comes to knowing where to go. If a door is blocked with a blue glow, for example, you'll need a weapon with an associated color...

2. Stuck? Backtrack to previous areas

Depending on the powers Samus has, you'll have to go forwards and backwards through the areas you explore. Sometimes gaining a new power will mean backtracking to starting areas to make the most of it.

3. Master the parry

Look for the yellow flashes that can appear over enemies - these indicate that an attack which can be parried is incoming. From there you just need to press 'X' when the time is right.

4. How to survive EMMI encounters

Move cautiously to ensure you don't get spotted in EM.M.I. zones. But if you do, speed and misdirection are everything. Slide through gaps, backtrack to create more complicated routes, and for goodness sake... RUN!

5. More of the scenery is destructible than you'd think

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to blow stuff up, especially when a pathway is obstructed by a hidden block. A good rule of thumb? Shoot at everything. 

6. The map is your friend

Learn how to read the map early – yellow squares for safe rooms, purple for transports, light blue is underwater, dark red is extreme heat, and dark blue is extreme cold. Is an area is greyed out? Then you've not explored it.

7. Be patient with boss battles

Bosses are built upon the same foundation: learn their attack patterns and you'll gradually circumvent their hits. Once you do enough damage, they'll switch up attacks and give you new patterns to learn. Don't give up!

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