6 must-know Horizon Forbidden West tips

Use our hints to help Aloy mangle the machines 

PS5's biggest sequel is one of the most ambitious open world games in years. Here are six tips to help keep Aloy in one piece...

1. Scan enemies and plan attacks before fights

Because no human being is as tough as six tons of factory machinery in the rough shape of a giant raptor. Use your Focus to identify, tag and highlight a machine's weak components. 

2. Play stealthily and ranged for as long as possible

Your aim should be to do as much damage before revealing yourself to machines – lay traps and use sneak attacks. To ensure Aloy doesn't get trampled, keep a healthy distance.

3. Grab all the loot you can, even if your pack is full

Tap every available resource for crafting components, as you'll need them for potions and traps. Anything you can't carry on you goes to Aloy's stash, accessed at bases and camps.

4. Use Tallnecks to find opportunities for upgrades

The metal brachiosauruses are back, and once again you can scale them to demist areas of the map. Climbing onto their shiny skulls involves a little puzzle-based plaforming. 

5. You won't be able to reach everywhere without certain gear or items

Even though the entire map is unlocked post-prologue, certain items, like Metal Flowers, are gated off until you gain gear that's unlocked by completing story missions. 

6. Headshots aren't a guaranteed kill, even on basic enemies

Shooting a human foe in the head normally won't result in a one-hit kill. You may take an enemy's helmet off with that first arrow, but several are usually needed to kill a target. 

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