6 Gran Turismo 7 tips to start your racing journey

Use these tips to help you get the most out PS5's classiest driving sim 

Sony's iconic racer is more accessible than ever, but it can still offer up a stern challenge. Here are some tips to earn podium places...

1. Beginners should head for the Licence Centre

Is Gran Turismo 7 your first foray into virtual motorsport? The in-game Licence Centre is a great way to learn to tell the difference between your throttle and brake.

2. Complete Menu Books to progress

The main hook of the campaign is completing Menu Books from Luca in the Café. Complete races and other objectives and he'll reward you with many a shiny racer. 

3. Circuit Experience is great for learning tracks

These short activities break down each track into different sectors allowing you to hone your racing technique. They're incredibly handy for building up muscle memory.

4. Credits are very easy to earn

The main currency in Gran Turismo 7, Credits are needed to buy new cars. Luckily, you can earn them by completing almost any sort of driving activity in the game. 

5. Focusing on tuning cars over buying new ones

We recommend that you focus on buying Tuning Parts for your rides rather than buying new cars at first. Remember, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

6. Brand Central is a must-see museum for car fans

This area is not only a showroom for lots of different car manufacturers from all over the world, but also has museum-grade information about all things racing. 

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