The funniest Trophies and Achievements on PS4 and Xbox One

Our pick of the silliest and most memorable Achievements and Trophies.

Some of the most memorable trophies and achievements stick in the mind not because they punished our fingers, but becasue they tickled our ribs. Here are some of the funniest of the last generation...

7. "You Chose... Poorly"
(10G, Bronze Trophy)

The leader of the Zin presents you with two different doors. Take the blue one and you'll continue to fight on, but head through the red door and you can sacrifice yourself to save the world. Cue the game ending abruptly and this popping up. 

The game: Yakuza: Saints Row 4

6. "Fight on the Sidewalk!"
(10G, Bronze Trophy)

Sometimes, Yakuza's frenzied fisticuffs spill out into busy areas, like... oh, say, open roads? If one of your victims gets splatted by a car, this trophy/achievment pops. 

The game: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

5. "Super Go Outside"
(100G, Gold Trophy)

What happens when you don't play a game for an entire decade? You get rewarded with a trophy/achievement, of course! And no ones says you can't alter your console's clock to make those 10 years fly. 

The game: The Stanley Parable

4. “Overachiever” (10G)

The good folks over at Insomniac are cheeky enough to give you an achievement “for getting an achievement”, so you get two for one at the beginning of this cult classic.

The game: Sunset Overdrive

3. "The Call of Nature"
(Gold Trophy)

There’s no getting around this one; if you want to platinum The Last Guardian, you’re going to have to watch Trico poop. Feed the colossal critter enough barrels, and said poo will come. 

The game: The Last Guardian

2. "Stage Fright"
(Bronze Trophy)

Netting this trophy requires a recreation of the stage demo faux pas that occurred when Uncharted 4 was shown off at 2015's E3, wherein Drake was stuck in place for minutes. 

The game: Uncharted 4

1. "This is Dark Souls"
(10G/Gold Trophy)

Talk about a warm welcome. The first time you pop your clogs in this sequel, Dark Souls 2 rewards you with this salt-rubbing trophy/achievement. Damn you, pesky cliff edge we didn't see!

The game: Dark Souls 2
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