Every on-screen Joker, ranked

Does Joaquin Phoenix stack up to Heath Ledger's portrayal? And does Barry Keoghan ace his Joker audition?

The laugh-filled yin to Batman's growly yang, here are the best and worst Jokers that have caused chaos across all manner of screens, be silver or small...

9. Jared Leto

Widely derided at the time, Leto's Suicide Squad cameo as the Joker isn't as bad as the critical reception would have you remember. Of course, the horrible tattoos don't help. 

Movies: Suicide Squad/Zack Sndyer's Justice League

8. Troy Baker

If you can't beat Mark Hammill's Joker, you might as well closely mimic him. While Baker's Mr J gets a killer reveal in Arkham Origins, it still feels like a pale imitation of Hamill's clown.

Game: Batman Arkham Origins

7. Cameron Monaghan

Monaghan juggles two Jokers throughtout Gotham – one familiar, one fresh. The original Jerome is an archetypal Joker, full of tics and quips, while the Frankenstein's Monster-style portrayal of Jeremiah is beastly. 

Show: Gotham

6. Barry Keoghan

Keoghan's scene may have been cut, but all the fundamentals for a good Joker peformance are there, including a bone-chilling laugh and the ability to get under Bats' skin better than most.

Movie: The Batman

5. Cesar Romero

Romero enhances the already colorful, camp nature of the ‘60s Batman series with his rolling Rs and screen-filling laugh. He set the wisecracking blueprint for decades to come.

Movie: Batman (1966)

4. Jack Nicholson

For all intents and purposes, this Joker is just Jack Nicholson in makeup – curved sickly smile and all – but that doesn't mean it's not still a great take on the Clown Prince of Crime. 

Movie: Batman (1989)

3. Joaquin Phoenix

The shrill, piercing laughter Phoenix conjures up hides a strangely sympathetic performance that appears to blame society’s ills for the killer clown’s origins. 

Movie: Joker

2. Mark Hamill

Hamill is the longest-serving Joker, and whether across games or animation, he gets the Joker like no other. At once funny and frightening, he's equally as comfortable belting out Christmas songs as is he beating up the Bat. 

Show/Games: Batman: The Animated Series/Batman Arkham trilogy

1. Heath Ledger

C'mon now, it was always going to be Heath. The late Australian's Joker remains a captivating performance, up there with the most thrilling, devilishly unpredictable in the history of cinema.

Movie: The Dark Knight
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