The best Xbox One backwards compatible games

The best old games you can play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S

Thanks to stellar work of Microsoft's various back compat teams, there are loads of old Xbox 360 games you can enjoy on your Xbox One or Xbox Series S. Here are some of our favorites...


Argubably the defining game of the Xbox Live Arcade era, this ingenious, time-distorting gem is one of the greatest puzzlers ever made. 


One of Xbox 360's most empowering games made you feel effortlessly badass as you jump between buidlings across this colorful superhero sandbox.

Grand Theft Auto 4

After the scale and silliniess of San Andreas, GTA 4 toned the action down. Satricial yet sombre, its Liberty City is still a joy to ride around. 

Gears of War 2

The best of Marcus and co's original trilogy, Gears 2 offers up a muscular campaign that gets even more enthralling when played in co-op.


One of the most sensational story-driven shooters you'll ever play. All these years on, Rapture can still chill through a sense of watery, wicked wonder.

Fallout: New Vegas

Sin City never felt quite so alive with irradiated possility as it does in Obsidion's cult classic action-RPG.

Halo: Reach

The best Halo campaign Bungie has ever made. Brilliantly paced and surprisingly varied - remember the space battle? - Reach is a masterpiece.

Dead Space 2

The best Dead Space is also one of the most terrifying horror games of all time. All these years later, slicing and dicing Necromorphs never gets old. 

Mirror's Edge

DICE's bold and brilliant freerunner is still capable of thrilling thanks to its exhilirating first-person parkour. The sense of momentum Mirrior's Edge is able to capture is remarkable. 


Valve's brief but brilliant puzzle game is truly iconic. It may only last two hours, but it has move clever ideas than dozens of lesser games combined.

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's sombre sandbox is simply the best in the Old West. Boot it up on Xbox One X or Series X, and you'll be treated to this classic Western in dazzling 4K.

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