The best Pokemon games, ranked

With so many great Pokemon games in the main series, which one is the very best?

We decided to keep it simple by sticking to the core games, rather than factoring in top tiles like Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu. With that said, the best Pokemon games ever made...

7. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

This undderated entry brought Pokemon trading into the modern age. Instead of using a cable link, it used the Nintendo DS' Wi-Fi to let you trade Pokemon with other players

Platform: Nintedo DS

6. Pokemon X and Y 

These pioneering entries took Pokemon into the world of 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, letting us experience its universe like never before.

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

5. Pokemon Legends Acreus

The newest entry into the main series is as close as the franchise has gotten to a full reboot. It's a joy exploring Acreus' open world as you embark on the ultimate Pokemon hunt. 

Platform: Nintendo Switch

4. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Easily the best looking Pokemon game to date, Sword and Shield's Galar Region makes for a delightful setting based on the UK. Roaming around this world is a time-swallowing joy. 

Platform: Nintendo Switch

3. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire took the series into a vibrant world of color on the GameBoy Advance, while also introducing 2v2 double battles for the first time. 

Platforms: Game Boy Nintendo DS

2. Pokemon Red and Blue

The game that kickstarted the legendary series. The world of Kanto still feels just as magical as it ever did, and the original 151 Pokemon are the most memorable in the franchise’s history.

Platforms: Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS

1. Pokemon Gold and Silver

Bigger and better than what had come before, Gold and Silver introduced new features, like a day/night cycle and time-specific challenges. It was a giant leap forward for the franchise, and reamins the Poke GOAT. 

Platforms: Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS
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