8 The Last of Us Part 2 tips to help you survive

How to give Ellie the upper hand with TLOU tips to keep you alive

Follow these tips to help Ellie outlast her enemies in The Last of Us Part 2...

1. Avoid crafting stuff until you need it

You never quite know what nasty surprise is coming around the corner. Try to avoid crafting too many items until you know you really need them.

2. Explore open areas

There's a lot of open space so check your map and don't move on until you've searched everywhere. Scrap and supplements are often well hidden.

3. Always take a damage upgrade

When it comes to upgrading weapons, it's best to focus on increasing a gun's damage rate. Bullets are scarce, so you want that extra stopping power.

4. Save your supplements for later

Don't blow the early supplements you find. As Ellie picks up training manuals later in the game she can use these pills on useful Stealth and Precision skills.

5. Switch aiming sides and fast turn

There are cool control tricks that are easy to miss. You can change shoulder while aiming by pressing square, while Ellie can perform a quick turn by tapping x and pulling back on the stick.

6. Hear a scary noise? Someone is watching you

Hear that ominous whooshing sound? That means an enemy is noticing you. The louder it is the closer you are to being spotted, so keep Ellie's ears peeled.

7. Rush people from a distance while staying stealthy

Like good BBQ, low and slow is the way to creep around foes. That said, you can dash towards a target for the last few feet, kill them, and not raise an alarm.

8. Get spotted? Leave a trap mine

If the enemy is investigating your last known position, leave them a little explode-y surprise. Place a trap mine and you can take foes out without them noticing you.

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