The best Last of Us Part 2 Easter eggs

Make sure you don't miss some of the best Easter eggs from TLOU Part 2

Keep your eyes peeled for 8 of the most awesome Easter eggs in Naughty Dog's masterpiece...

1. A PS3 with some familiar games

It's nice to know PS3 survived Outbreak Day. You can find this Uncharted-centric Easter egg in Ellie's room just after the intro.

2. Sarah's photo

After the Very Bad Thing happens to Joel, Ellie can pick up this photo of her father figure and his daughter while searching his house. The pic appears a couple of times in the original. Talk about a tear-jerker.

3. Joel's watch
and gun

You really can't miss this scripted part of the game, but it's still hugely upsetting. Ellie picks up these reminders of Joel before she heads to Seattle.

4. Remember
the giraffe?

It may initially look like a throwaway toy, yet cast your mind back and it's clearly a nod to the original's unforgettable giraffe encounter.

5. The creepy Halloween statue from Left Behind

A cute nod to the first game's masterful DLC. Early on in Seattle, Ellie finds a statue that brings back memories of Left Behind's Halloween shop.

6. A familiar pallet

During an incredible flashback, Ellie encounters a pallet. It's a lovely callback to when Joel used to ferry her around on one before she could swim.

7. Hotline Miami

When Ellie is tracking down Nora, she kills a guard playing a PS Vita. On said handheld is an indie classic Naughty Dog clearly admires.

8. The Strange Relic

A Naughty Dog Easter egg staple. Jak and Daxter's Precursor Orb has popped up for a cheeky cameo in every game ND has made since Uncharted 1.

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