5 things you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West

Here's everything we currently know about Aloy's PS5 sequel

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of PS4's best games, so we're absurdly excited for this PS5 sequel. Here's everything we know about Horizon Forbidden West...

It's a PS5 exclusive

Forbidden West is a next-gen exclusive and takes advantage of PS5's new SSD. Game director Mathijs de Jonge promises there will be "virtually no loading screens."

Aloy will battle new machines

New Horizon, new metallic beasties to take down. The trailer reveals several machines we haven't seen before, including the turtle-like Shellsnapper and flying Sunwings.

Get set for a crosscountry journey

Forbidden West's world looks even more varied than Zero Dawn's. Boasting a bigger map, it stretches from Utah to the Pacific coast, taking in the likes of a ruined San Francisco.

Our gal has new gear

Aloy will get thoroughly damp in Forbidden West. Alongside her returning Focus AR gizmo, she has a new underwater breather for diving. Watch out for those Snapmaws!

The sequel's big threat is called the "red blight"

This new eco threat manfiests as a system of creeping red vines. It's not only harming all manner of lifeforms, but also causing "supercell storms".

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