Horizon Forbidden West gameplay – 6 new things we learned

Breaking down the latest gameplay footage from the PS5 State of Play

Horizon Forbidden West is looking better and better. Here are all the new details we spotted from the new 14 minute demo...

1. The world shows off PS5's power like no other game

Horizon's open world is wider and far more detailed than its predecessor. Not only does it look stunning, Aloy's fight against a huge Tremortusk shows it is also more destructible. 

2. An improved Focus makes climbing easier

Thanks to her revamped headgear, Aloy's Focus can spot all new free-climbing areas throughout the environment. 

3. New tools help open up Aloy's world

There's now more opportunity for exploration thanks to new gadgets. The Diving Mask, grapple hook-aping Pullcaster, and Shieldwing glider should add a lot to traversal. 

4. A new Surge attack makes combat even cooler

Thanks to her powerful (and seriously snazzy) Surge attack, Aloy can takedown tougher human enemies with deadly precision. Ouch! 

5. Aloy can control even bigger machines

The raptor-like Clawstrider Aloy rides is larger (and more vicious) than any machine she could control in HZD.

6. Human enemies can ride machines too

Ruh-roh. Aloy's foes can also mount machines, and it looks like they can even give them orders to boot. 

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