How to level up fast in Halo Infinite

Level up fast in Halo Infinite with these pointers, updated for the new system changes

Leveling up in Halo Infinite's multiplayer isn't exactly a brisk process. Here are some tips for making the process a little quicker...

1. Focus on specific challenges

Some challenges are so specific that simply playing the game means you might not get them for a while. Instead, check before every game, then see what seems feasible once you're in the match.

2. Play as much as possible

A recent update provided a 300XP reward for the first game played every day, with declining XP bonuses for subsequent matches until leveling out at 50XP until the next day. Playing regularly earns big rewards, in other words.

3. Use challenge swaps smartly

You can buy one-use Challenge Swap tokens that allow you to exchange one challenge for another random one, but you can also get them for completing stages of the Battle Pass. They're rare enough that you want to use them only when necessary, so don't waste 'em. 

4. Use events to your advantage

As we saw from the Fractures: Tenrai event, these tend to come with easy, high-reward challenges. Stack up a bunch of these, trigger an EXP boost, and let the levels roll in.

5. Buy EXP Boosts and EXP Grants

If you really must, you can spend money in the store on these single-use perks. EXP Boosts double the experience you earn for an hour, while EXP Grants are payments for blocks of XP. 

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