Video game Halloween events 2020

From Animal Crossing to Overwatch, here are 2020's spookiest gaming celebrations

Get ready to have your spine thoroughly tingled with some of this year's creepiest Halloween events...

Call of Duty: Warzone/
Modern Warfare – The Haunting of Verdansk

This chilling event includes a nighttime variant of the Verdansk map, a scary new game-mode called Zombie Royale, and crossovers with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. Leatherface be cray.

Spookiness: Certifiably scary Dates: October 20 - November 3

Overwatch –Halloween Terror

Get ready for nerve-shredding shootouts as Overwatch gets treated to new skins (that Shin-Ryeong D.Va is to die for) and the return of everyone's favorite co-op mode: Junkenstein's Revenge. 

Spookiness: Junkenstein's Revenge may freak you out Dates: October 13 - November 3

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – fall update

This update adds new skin tones, like ghost white, witchy green, and monster blue. Oh, and you can now grow pumpkins. The pumpkin-headed Jack NPC also arrives for spooky antics. 

Spookiness: Nothing spooky here except under-watered pumpkins Dates: All of October

Destiny 2 –
Festival of The Lost

Destiny 2's Halloween event is free for all players. You'll get fancy masks to wear while the event is running, and the Haunted Forest – a twist on the Tower's Infinite Forest – also returns. 

Spookiness: Spooky vibes, but not outright scary Dates: October 6 – November 6

Grounded Halloween – fall update

Grounded's teeny and terrifying update scatters candy corn around the colossal garden, which you can eat for a nice little boost. There's also a titanic jack-o-lantern in one of the biomes. 

Spookiness: Giant spiders are horrid Dates: All of October

Borderlands 3 –
Bloody Harvest 2020

The Bloody Harvest event returns with chilling skins, scary loot, haunted enemies, while the terrifying boss Captain Haunt is also back.

Spookiness: Pretty spooky, always funny Dates: October 8 - November 5

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