How to make money fast in GTA Online

Top tips for racking up funds in Grand Theft Auto's online world

From daring heists to breakneck races, here's how to make serious cash fast in Rockstar's online sandbox...

Time Trials

These challenging races against the clock can be decent money makers... if you're good at them. A new time trial spawns each week and can net you $50k if you beat the set time.

Potential profits: $50k per hour

VIP Work

Want to grind for $$$? These free-roam objectives are good earners. Start an organisation as a CEO through the interaction menu, then select "VIP Work" to take on Headhunter and Hostile Takeover missions.

Potential profits: $150k per hour


Though they're a less profitable version of Gunrunning, Nightclubs are a really fun money earner. Invest in a swanky spot and you'll manage everything from DJs to drinks runs.

Potential profits: Less than other methods but it's a fun side activity


Got three pals and a high end apartment? GTAO's robberies can earn you serious bank. Make sure to keep talking on the job as those shared lives can disappear fast.

Potential profits: $400k per hour

Special & Vehicle Cargo

These tasks have the potential to net solo players the most money between other jobs. You'll need to have an office building and a warehouse to take on these pilfering missions.

Potential profits: $300k per hour

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