The best horror movies of all time

From bumps in the night to creature features, here are the movies that turn your dreams to nightmares

Here are our top 8...

8. SCREAM (1996)

Breathing new life into the slasher flick, Wes Craven's hip, wicked horror smashes the fourth wall as Ghostface slashes self-aware teens to shreds.

7. ALIEN (1979)

In space, no one can hear you scream... but they can probably make out the sound of you soiling your drawers. Ridley Scott's horror house in space is a spine-tingling excerise in tension. 

6. HALLOWEEN (1978)

The original stalk-and-slash that made Jamie Lee Curtis film's first scream queen. With a sinister score that burrows under your skin and a superbly lean plot, Michael Myers will make you believe in the Boogeyman.

5. THE EXORCIST (1973)

William Friedkin's seminal tale of demonic possession remains a head-messing fright fest. 40-odd years on, it's still super unsettling.

4. HEREDITARY (2018)

Awkward and upsetting in equal measure, Ari Aster's debut horror effort is all kinds of harrowing. Turns out, the creepy little girl trope still has nerve-shredding legs. Also... What. A. Score.

3. THE THING (1982)

Dealing in dread, distrust and some of the best practical effects you'll ever see in a film, John Carpenter's chilling sci-fi horror is a disgusting wound of a movie you just can't help pick at. 


Does what it says on the tin. Namely, treat you to 83 minutes of rusty, revving blades and horrendous onscreen slaughter. Talk about a (Leather)face only a mother could love. 

1. THE SHINING (1980)

"Heeeeeeeere's number one!" Kubrick's masterwork features a career-best performance from Jack Nicholson as the unhinged caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. Watch this and you'll never want to ride an elevator again. 

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