5 essential Ghost of Tsushima tips

Killer hints that every good Samurai needs to learn

The following tips will help you and Jin Sakai to banish the Mongols from Tsushima once and for all...

1. Hold block while learning parry timings

Mastering the parry takes practice, so make sure you hold block on L1, release it quickly, then tap L1 again to execute the move. That way you'll avoid taking damage even if you don't pull off the parry.

2. Take out archers in a fist fight if you can

Archers often pelt you with arrows from the periphery of the screen, so it's a good idea to take them out first when battles begin. Rush in and gut archers from close range if you get the chance.

3. Use stealth kills to charge the Ghost Meter

Ghost Meter kills are supremely satisfying. To build up that murdery bar, stack kills without taking damage... which can only be easily done by taking opponents out using stealth.

4. Avoid rolling too much

Double tapping dodge will see Jin roll out of danger. While this move is good for evading attacks, it often places Jin out of sword range, meaning you can't retaliate with your own attack.

5. Change armor as and when you need to

You can pause the game and swap to different armor at any time. With many different sets, all of which have various health, stealth and damage benefits, it's a good idea to switch armor regularly.

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