Forza Horizon 5 tips to get you started 

Cruise through Mexico with ease using these handy tips. 

Just getting started in Forza Horizon 5? Use our beginner's tips to speed to success...

1. Customize your driving assists

These are our favorite custom settings to use to help with controlling cars...
Braking: Anti-Lock On
Steering: Simulation
Traction Control: Off
Stability Control: Off

2. Do whatever you want, when you want

Due to the campaign’s non-linear nature that relies on earning Accolade Points through races and other events, you can progress through Horizon Adventure chapters in whatever order you want once you have enough Accolades. 

3. Declutter the map with filters

Use map filters to get rid of the icons you want to ignore by pressing RB to bring up the icon list. This is really useful if you just want to, say, zone in on Festival Sites.

5. Don't forget to use your free Wheelspins

These random lucky dips give you cars and CR to boost your garage and piggy bank. It's easy to store up a bunch and forget them, so make sure to spin regularly. 

6. Drone Mode is great for scouting areas

Use Drone Mode under the ‘Creative Hub’ tab of the pause menu to pilot a drone and scout out certain areas. It's faster than driving around, and really useful for hunting down Barn Finds. 

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