FIFA 21 celebrations guide

Here's how to perform all the new goal celebrations in EA's latest soccer sim

FIFA 21 has 14 new celebrations to bust out when you score. Here's how to perform them...

Binoculars Signature

'A' Signature

This eye-obsessed celebration can only be done by Burnley's Ashley's Barnes. A celebration Spurs fan will know well. It can only be pulled off by Dele Alli. Press: X/A Press: X/A


Cry Baby

Go to your special Zen place after curling one in with this chilled out celebration.  This blood-boiling celebration can be performed by PSG's Kylian Mbappé.  Press: Hold R1/RB and double tap Square/X Run to the camera



Displaying false modesty is going to irk online opponents. We're shocked.  This celebration is both random and rare. Patience is a virtue, FIFA fans.  Press: Hold R2/RT and move right stick down Run to the ad boards

Royal Wave

Knee Slide Spin

We are not amused. Mainly because this random celebration is super rare. Try not to ruin your cruciate ligaments as you perform this knee-punishing move.  Press: Press Circle/B (random) Press: Hold L1/LB and move right stick, up, left, down, right

Dance and Spin

Finger Twist Signature

The most elaborate new celebration in FIFA 21. This routine is really something.  This signature celebration belongs to Tottenham's Steven Bergwijn. Press: Hold R2 and flick the right stick right twice Press: X/A

Surf and Flex

Hope and Point

Give your online foes a ticket to the gun show with this gloating celebration.  We're glad elbows aren't important in football, because this looks exhausting.  Press: Hold R2 and flick the right stick down then up Press: Hold R2/RT and flick the right stick down twice

Camera Swipe


Bust out a celebration cameramen must hate with Atletico Madrid's João Félix. Display a little inner calmness with this thoroughly laidback celebration.  Run to the camera Press: Hold R2/RT and hold the right stick left

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