Far Cry 6 gameplay - 5 things you need to know

The sandbox shooter screams viva la revolución this October

Far Cry 6 looks set to be the most wicked and wild entry in the shooter series yet. Here are five things we learned from the new gameplay trailer...

1. Cavort around an entire Caribbean island

Yara is the biggest Far Cry world yet. Inspired by Cuba, it combines wild biomes and dilapidated urban areas. New Guerrilla Paths allow you to move around the island while avoiding fights. 

2. Dani, champion of the world

You play Dani Rojas – a military dropout turned freedom fighter. Like Far Cry 5, you can choose the gender of this rookie revolutionary. 

3. Meet the Amigos

The series' now traditional animal sidekicks are called Amigos this time out. Said critter chums include Chorizo the adorable pooch, and a pet crocodile called Guapo. 

4. Guns... lots of guns

Far Cry 6 boasts 49 fully-customizable weapons, including a new 'Resolver' class. Example? How about a gun made from a CD player that turns its discs into flying circles of death.

5. Team Supremo

Another addition are the Supremo backpacks. They give our hero special powers  such as the Exterminador Supremo, which acts like an uber rocket launcher strapped to Dani's spine. 

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