The best Far Cry 6 guns

A guide to some of the finest weapons in the sandbox shooter

Liberate Yara with our pick of the best weapons in Far Cry 6...


You can find this excellent, super accurate pistol in Fort Quito, in a basement underneath the base. Smash through a hole in the chain-link fence and it's yours. 

Gun type: Pistol


This unique auto-pistol is a small SMG in denial. You can obtain it as a reward from the first Los Bandidos mission, Benito Bang Bang, which can be started at any big Guerrilla Camp.

Gun type: Pistol


A sturdy, solid SMG that controls well both from the hip and down the sights. The MP40 can be bought from weapons dealers shortly after you leave the first island. 

Gun type: SMG


Based on the FAL rifle, the Libertad has decent control and accuracy. Find it at the building at the base of the lighthouse to the West of the Quito Bay Blockade.

Gun type: Rifle


This is a good early-to-mid game sniper, especially for picking off minor enemies from a safe distance. Can be bought from Juan's Arms Dealer for 1100 Yaran Pesos.

Gun type: Sniper rifle


You can find this powerful shotty in the first Isla Santuario region. Head to the south east coast and look for the Punto Este Lighthouse in Corto Cay to claim it. 

Gun type: Shotgun


The stealthy killer's best friend is effectively a short-range silenced SMG where overheating isn't a problem. Buy it early from Juan's Weapons once you hit Rank 3.

Gun type: Resolver nail gun


One for aggressive players, this pistol-sized shotgun blows holes in enemies and comes paired with a shield. Purchase it from Juan's Weapons for 100 Depleted Uranium at Rank 3.

Gun type: Resolver shotgun/shield

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