The best family movies of all time

The finest family films for kids both big and small

Nothing beats a cozy night in with the whole family, so settle in as we reel off the best family movies ever made...

7. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)

An enduring classic that's likely to elicit the same sense of wonder to a kid born in the last decade as it did when it first came out over 80 years ago.

6. PADDINGTON 2 (2018)

A wonderful sequel that improves on the original, Paddington 2 is a perfect mix of kiddie and grown-up writing in a live-action film. It's the feel-good movie we all need during these uncertain times. 


A movie that shows the love parents can hold for their children, and the lengths to which they will go for them. Finding Nemo might just be the most perfectly paced film Pixar has ever made. 


Another Pixar gem. Riffing perfectly on '60s spy movies, this adrenaline-filled adventure might be the most stylish film to come out of the studio. 


It doesn't matter what age you are: when you watch Totoro, you'll become a six-year-old in your heart. No other film captures the carefree spirit of childhood quite like the Studio Ghibli classic. 

2. THE LION KING (1994)

The best (non-Pixar) movie Disney has ever made. Not afraid to feature darkness and loss, The Lion King plays with the heart strings of both kids and adults. We're still not over Mufasa.

1. TOY STORY 2 (1999)

One of the best movie sequels ever made, Toy Story 2 is a masterclass of world-building that takes the fantastic first entry and expands on it perfectly. Family movie night will always have a friend in Toy Story. 

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