5 of the best Fall Guys minigames

We rank the silliest, most fun minigames from the surprise indie game smash

MediaTonic's madcap party game has taken the world by storm. And why not? It's absurdly good fun! Here are our five favorite minigames in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout...

5. Hit Parade

Total Wipeout in video game form. Balance beams! Turntables! Swinging balls! Slippery slopes to climb! This is an 'all skill, no luck' mingame that will seriously test your Fall Guys mettle.

4. See Saw

The minigame that proves loads of Fall Guys players don't quite grasp how physics work. Turns out, piling onto one side of a see-saw will make it tilt. An excellently evil addition.

3. Dizzy Heights

Another ace minigame... if you get momentum behind you. This course's gently taxing buffoonery makes it a great place for Fall Guys newcomers to get their (two left) feet wet.

2. The Whirlygig

The daft windmill level with the amazing name. Thanks to its wide paths, Whirlygig is the best obstacle course in Fall Guys. Those spinning blades are tools of the devil, mind.

1. Hex-A-Gone

Nothing else could be number one. This astounding minigame challenges you to be the last player standing as platforms fall away beneath your feet. Hex-A-Gone is terrifyingly moreish.

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