Elden Ring gameplay reveal: 5 things we learned

Key details from the 15-minute Elden Ring gameplay trailer

Bosses are slain and spells are cast as we get our best look yet at FromSoftware's latest punishing adventure...

1. Sites of Grace will give you hints about where to go

Replacing Dark Souls' bonfires, these resting places will occassionally send out guiding rays of light which lead toward new points of interest. 

2. You have a lot of finisher attacks

Elden Ring appears to have backstabs, ripostes, guard break finishers, special boss weak spots, and even aerial dive bombs which send enemies reeling. 

3. There's a wild variety of magic

Create a bow of light and shoot arrows at a dragon! Summon skeletons! Conjure dark arrows! Shoot blue laser beams! This looks like the most expansive magic arsenal in any From game. 

4. The jump button is a revelation

The benefits of the jump button are clear in Stormvale Castle. Our hero is able to clear gaps, jump up to railings, and access entirely different paths with ease.

5. Your torch is your best friend

Seeing as Elden Ring has a day-night cycle, and oodles of dark dungeons to explore, that torch is going to be very handy. Oh, and can we stop and appreciate the fire and lighting effects? 

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