6 things you need to know about Elden Ring

How the latest FromSoftware game is going beyond Dark Souls

Set for release on January 21 next year, Elden Ring looks to be FromSoftware's most ambitious adventure yet...

1. This is From's biggest, most dynamic world yet

Elden Ring chronicles the journey of the Tarnished, one of the "dead who yet live," through the Lands Between. Said open world promises a level of scale we've never seen in a From title before. 

2. Your horse is key to exploration and combat

Your mount Reima can carry you up cliffs, lending a sense of verticality to the world. Excitingly, it can also be summoned during boss battles. 

3. Combat is more open-ended than ever

Battles in Elden Ring look to combine a heady mix of magic and melee combat. It's also a little surprising FromSoftware has leant into non-magical ranged attacks and stealth.

4. The open world hides a dungeon-crawler underground

While the Lands Between seems to combine a wild mix of sunlit environments, it seems many locales are underground and attached to good old-fashioned dungeons. 

5. Multiplayer looks co-op only (so far)

Co-op in Elden Ring looks like it could be more lenient in terms of where and when you can play with friends in comparison to Dark Souls. Bandai has confirmed up to four players can join one world. 

6. George R.R. Martin's influence is baked in

According to director Hidetake Miyazaki, the Game of Thrones creator has helped forge a rich mythos for Elden Ring through legends he's written for the game's world. 

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