The best Xbox exclusives you need to own

These are the best Xbox One and Xbox Series X exclusives for you to dive right into, especially via Game Pass

Own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S? These are the exclusive games you need to play...

8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Moon Studios' latest action-platformer improves on the original in every way, from its fluid platforming to its gorgeous world to its heart-breaking story.

7. Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive lets you pull off some spectacularly absurd feats of mass destruction, where you can launch bowling bowls, fireworks, explosive teddy bears, and more.

6. Forza Motorsport 7

A classy racing sim that's elevated thanks to flawless 4K visuals, superb AI, improved handling, and more substantial collisions than its predecessor. 

5. Halo Infinite

Halo fans were rightly wowed by Infinite's focused and compelling multiplayer alongside the vast open-world that shakes up the series' single-player story.

4. Forza Horizon 5

The Forza Horizon series is undoubtedly the best racer going at the moment, and this latest entry's jaunt to Mexico continues the hot streak. 

3. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 delivers a fantastically whimsical tour through various minds against a soundtrack that'll get your feet tapping. 

2. Sea of Thieves

Rare's emergent pirate adventure sees players sailing across the big blue, finding treasure where the X marks the spot, defeating hordes of skeletons and undead sea captains.

1. Gears 5

The best Gears is also the best Xbox exclusive. Not only does the single-player campaign deliver a surprisingly good story, co-op and multiplayer also shine.

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