The best Wii U games of all time

Wondering which Wii U games are the absolute cream of the crop? Here are our very favorites

It may not have sold nearly as many units as its predecessor,  but the Wii U still had a great library of games...

7. Super Mario Maker

Nintendo handing over the keys to 30 years worth of Mario level objects and letting you loose with them is a bit like Alfred giving you the access code to the Batcave, and we're massively here for it. 

6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wink Waker HD

Wind Waker HD bettered an already all-time classic, fixing the spotty pacing near the end and the original's sometimes-frustrating stealth. 

5. Mario Kart 8

A karting classic that greatly expands the number of races, adding new anti-gravity sections that do a great job of freshening up all the retro courses that return.

4. Bayonetta 2

Fast, slick, stylish, smooth, and every other adjective that can be used to positively describe an action game. Bayonetta 2 had us hooting and hollering more than almost any other Wii U title. 

3. Pikmin 3

This iconic little exploration-based puzzler took great advantage of the Wii U's second screen, allowing for multitasking that would be damn near impossible on any other platform.

2. Super Mario 3D World

It may not be the plumber's boldest entry, but with fantastic gameplay and some of the best level designs in the franchise's history, 3D World is a landmark achievement in platforming. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Wii U's swansong is simultaneously the Switch's killer app. However you decide to play it, BotW is a grand, colorful, and majestic adventure well worth experiencing.

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