The best guns in Call of Duty Warzone

Whether you're an SMG skirmisher or a no-scope sniper, here are the best weapons for Warzone's early stages

Look out for the following weapons in Warzone, then let the online slaughter begin...


A run-and-gun dream that can be drawn in a flash. The reasonably rare Bengal variant turns everything up a notch, improving range and accuracy thanks to its ACOG sight.

Origin 12

The semi-auto Origin 12 packs the punch of a standard shotty but is more useful in a bind as it can fire multiple shells in quickfire fashion. It can shred unarmored foes in seconds.


An ideal early-game gun that can wipe out a squad in an instant. Not only is the M91 great for bagging triple kills, its 'Dusk' variant proves to be a stable mid-range performer.


If you can cope with the Kar98k's slow rate of fire you'll find this sniper can be a mid-range beast. If you find the easier to handle Sterling variant though, bin off the original.


This multiplayer workhorse has no real drawbacks. Thanks to its 30-round mag, it can off two unarmored enemies with a single clip. The scoped XRK version is great at range.

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