The best war movies of all time

From Saving Private Ryan to Dr. Strangelove, we look back at the best war movies ever made

War! What is it good for? Inspiring some of the greatest movies of all time, that's what...

8. The Deer Hunter (1978)

A striking piece of cinema that cuts between the initial excitement of young men going off to war and the harsh, unflinching reality of conflict. 

7. Paths of Glory (1957)

Stanley Kubrick's remarkable movie takes inspiration from Humphrey Cobb's novel to tell the story of a WWI Colonel who refused to walk his men into certain death. 

6. Inglorious Basterds (2009)

A beautifully nutty war film from Tarantino that mixes riotous action with a giant splat of camp comedy and a rapier-sharp script. 

5. The Thin Red Line (1999)

A lingering, slow-drawl of a war film that shows how mankind's desire to fight one another devastates nature. 

4. Full Metal Jacket (1987)

War, Kubrick-style. This is a film of complex, troubled individuals dealing with the horrors of war... and the most intense drill instructor in movie history. 

3. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

What is one man's life worth? That's the colossal question Spielberg's blistering 1998 actioner asks. The Omaha beach opening offers the most brutal, dizzying spectacle in the history of cinema. 

2. Dr. Strangelove (1964)

A darkly funny, terrifyingly believable take on the Cold War, held together by a truly iconic turn from Peter Sellers. 

1. Apocalypse Now (1979)

A masterpiece where the casualties of war are very much the minds of men. The hallucinatory madness separates this classic from any other Vietnam film.

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