The best space games

If you're looking for intergalactic adventures, then look no further

Bored of our damp, spinning rock?  Blast off into the great beyond with five of our favorite space games...


A wonderfully crafted indie space adventure with a variety of endings that will leave you floored. Its central time loop mechanic is as ingenious as its soundtrack is hummable. 

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One


This 16-year-old MMO is bigger and better than ever, and every single element of it is player-directed. Learning the game is harsh, but its grand space battles offer a sense of spectacle unlike any other game. 

Available on: PC


If you only have room in your life for one online FPS, make it Destiny 2. Its recent Beyond Light expansion got the shooter back on track thanks to a truly epic raid.

Available on: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One


Half toybox, half science project, this is the most fun you can have while learning about space. Launching tiny green men into space actually is rocket science. Who'd have thunk? 

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One


The makers of Crusader Kings 3 turn their talents skywards, and the results are stunning. This gripping strategy game tasks you with building a space-faring empire while squashing your foes.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

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