The best Sega Saturn games

The best games for the classic console, from Virtua Fighter 2 to Sega Rally

The best Sega Saturn games show that there's more to this fifth-generation system than meets the eye...

Yu Suzuki’s hit arcade sequel had an equally astonishing Saturn port which remains highly impressive today. It's amazing how complex the fighting is given the three-button configuration.

7. Virtua Fighter 2

In a time when 2D sprite-based games and scrolling fighters were falling out of fashion, Treasure stuck two fingers up at convention and delivered one of the finest examples of the genre.

6. Guardian Heroes

Treasure’s adaption of its acclaimed arcade game features numerous Saturn tweaks, including a fleshed-out story, brand-new bosses, and a less convoluted weapon system.

5. Radiant Silvergun

Sega developed a number of excellent 3D fighters for its 32-bit console, but only Fighters Megamix lets you pit Dayton’s Hornet against Janet from Virtua Cop 2.

4. Fighters Megamix

A wonderfully sublime score attack game from Sonic Team. It’s a truly mesmerizing game that’s enhanced by its joyous soundtrack and fantastic visuals.

3. NiGHTS Into Dreams

The final game in Team Andromeda’s Saturn trilogy went through an open-ended transformation that’s every bit as breathtaking as the high prices it now commands.

2. Panzer Dragoon Saga

Astonishing is perhaps the best way to sum up Sega’s conversion of its hit arcade game. It’s not only the best racing game on Sega’s console, but easily the best in its library. A true triumph.

1. Sega Rally Championship

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