The best Rick and Morty episodes, ranked

From Totall Rickall to Pickle Rick, here are the best episodes of the beloved Adult Swim show

With season five of Rick and Morty finally here, join us as we recap the best episodes from the ingenious animated smash...

6. "Meeseeks and Destroy"

The moment Rick and Morty transformed from oddball Adult Swim comedy into animated sci-fi behemoth. The task-assisting Meeseeks are perhaps the show's most ingenious creation. 

Season 1, episode 5

5. "Auto Erotic Assimilation"

Occasionally, R&M digs deep into what makes its characters tick, with devastating results. Here, an emotionally-ruined Rick attempts suicide in a harrowing finale. Brutally bold TV. 

Season 2, episode 3

4. "Mortynight Run"

An ace episode that juggles humor and heartache as Morty befriends – then ultimately betrays – a musically gifted cloud of gas. You heard us. 

Season 2, episode 2

3. "Rixty Minutes"

Better known to fans as "Interdimensional Cable", this gloriously improv-centric episode sees Justin Roiland stretch his comedic muscles with a series of irreverent ads. 

Season 1, episode 8

2. "Pickle Rick"

The ep that inspired a million Funkos. On the surface, it's a send-up of a John Wick-style revenge tale, but it's actually hiding an emotional core that taps into the Smith family's deep problems. 

Season 3, episode 3

1. "Total Rickall"

Reverse Giraffe! Ghost in a Jar! Photography Raptor! This unhinged ep could be the series' most creative, with Rick battling parasites who invent memories of made-up friends and family.

Season 6, episode 4

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