The best Quest 2 games to help you escape reality

Strap yourself in for these awesome Quest 2 titles

The best Quest 2 games are now a brilliantly varied bunch. Thanks to the technical progress made in VR, games are no longer just short experiences. Here are some of our very favorite Quest 2 titles...

Resident Evil 4

This is no mere lazy port of the iconic survival horror game. Armature Studio clearly adoes Resi 4, and it's constructed a compelling first-peron experience that puts you straight in the shoes of Leon. 

Developer: Armature Studio

Beat Saber

In a market now heaving sweatily with VR workout games, Beat Saber still manages to expertly slice through the competition. In perfect rhythm, of course.

Developer: Beat Games

Superhot VR

Bullets in mid air to dodge like you’re Neo in the Matrix… bottles to hurl… pistols to worry about reaching in time… Superhot is a perfect action game but also a puzzler.

Developer: SUPERHOT


The adventures of the adorable Quill are thankfully far more than just an exercise in cute. This is a beautifully crafted fantasy adventure of both puzzles and combat.

Developer: Polyarc

I Expect You to Die 2

Escape rooms are perfect VR fodder, and this elevates the concept to an exquisite art form, improving on the excellent original with a variety of nerfarious traps and spy puzzles.

Developer: Schell Games

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room's brilliant brainteasers expand perfectly into an atmospheric 3D world of intrigue as we find ourselves in early 20th century London investigating the disappearance of an Egyptologist.

Developer: Fireproof Games

Half-Life Alyx

We know it’s not a native app and you’ll need a Link cable and a gaming PC, but this is argubably the best VR game of all time. There's just no way we could leave Valve's incredible shooter off this list.

Developer: Polyarc
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